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More Expressions Relearning

Here are the 3 Relearning Worksheets from class on Monday/Tuesday. I have also included the answer keys.

Relearning – Equivalent ExpressionsEquivalent Expressions – SOLUTIONS
Relearning – Algebraic ExpressionsAlgebraic Expressions – SOLUTIONS
Relearning – Exponents & GEMDASExponents & GEMDAS – SOLUTIONS

Older relearning exercises posted in previous blog post:

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Expressions – Review Work & Relearning Practice

(for any IXL, get SmartScore of at least 70)
IXL E.1 Write multiplication expressions using exponents
IXL E.2 Evaluate exponents
Exponents & Order of Operations PracticeExponents & OoO SOLUTIONS
Order of Operations PracticeOrder of Operations SOLUTIONS

IXL P.1 Write variable expressions to represent word problems

IXL P.2 Evaluate variable expressions with whole numbers
IXL P.4 Evaluate variable expressions involving decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers
IXL P.7 Evaluate multi-variable expressions
Evaluating Expressions & Proving Equivalence WorksheetEVALUATING EXPRESSIONS & Proving Equivalence SOLUTIONS

IXL P.16 Add and subtract like terms
IXL P.18 Distributive property
Like Terms & Distributive Property WorksheetLIKE TERMS & DISTRIBUTIVE PROPERTY SOLUTIONS



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3 Laps Tiger Turf Perimeter Expressions

Here are many of the EQUIVALENT EXPRESSIONS that we came up with in class. Student ideas are in BLACK. The more acceptable way to write each expression, using best mathematical language/communication is in RED.

Here is what we found we we EVALUATED our EXPRESSIONS for given values. We need to carefully SUBSTITUTE the given value into the expression and SIMPLIFY using the ORDER OF OPERATIONS.

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Border Problem

Border Problem

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Geometry Relearning

Relearning Practice Worksheets:
Relearning Practice 1 (2-4-2 Day 15)Solutions
Relearning Practice 2 (2-4-2 Day 16)Solutions
More Relearning Practice – Solutions

Learnzillion Vidoes:
Area of Triangle – LZ1059
Area of a Polygon – LZ1061
Find the volume of a rectangular prism with fractional edge lengths – LZ1064
Represent three-dimensional figures with nets – LZ1219
Find surface area of rectangular prisms – LZ1222
Find surface area of triangular prisms – LZ1225

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Geometry Unit Review

Please find below the unit review assignment, as well as the answer key. On Monday/Tuesday we will take the first 20-30 minutes of class to go over any questions you have. Good luck studying!

Area, Surface Area, Volume Assessment PRACTICE

Area, Surface Area, Volume Assessment PRACTICE SOLUTIONS

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Gift Wrap Challenge

Here is the Wrapping Paper Challenge and the Wrapping Paper SOLUTION.

Surface Area and Nets for a Rectangular Prism.

You can also watch Gift Wrap Challenge with this link.

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Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day! I hope you have a great time celebrating all things pi this weekend!!

Here is a great video of putting pi to music:

Here is a fun song about pi:

On Pi Day, Finding Strength in Numbers

50 Interesting Facts About Pi

10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Pi

Pi(e) Day Around the Globe – Yummy Recipes to Celebrate

 Color By Number: Pi

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Recovering Remarks Work

Math students,

Here is a guide to help you restore your work that was deleted in Remarks: Finding your deleted Remarks files

Follow the directions step by step. Please make sure you do this before you come to the student-led conference on Thursday or Friday.

Let me know if you have any questions!

You may want to email yourself and me your SLC Reflection just in case. 🙂

Ms. Schmid


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